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Dear Alumni,

The alumni website has been created to preserve the bond between the students and the Institute by staying connected. It will give an opportunity for us to share the latest happenings in our campus through various events, newsletters, reunions, workshops, conferences and symposiums. It will help the community members to connect with their batch mates even after leaving the campus. The Alumni website has been relaunched with additional features.

Your feedback, involvement, career advice and motivating experiences as an alumni will be incredibly valuable for our program and students. We would like us all to be connected, please join hands to share your wonderful thoughts and inspire the next generation for a better tomorrow.

We will be delighted to receive your contributions for our monthly newsletters. If you:

  • Would like others to know what’s new in your life or share a photograph,
  • Want to share your success stories, achievements and experience,
  • Want to publish articles for the newsletter.

    Please send us an e-mail and we will publish them in the upcoming newsletters.

  • Envision: The Alumni Newsletter

    Please click on the below link to view the latest newsletter published for the Year 2017:

    October 2017

    Please click on the below link to view the monthly newsletters published for the Year 2017:


    If you are the one, who feels excited about meeting your fellow classmates,
    then, grab the exciting opportunity waiting for you.
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